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About Stone Mountain Elementary School

Stone Mountain Elementary School is a Title I school located in the heart of historic Stone Mountain, Georgia. Stone Mountain Elementary is surrounded by many popular historic tourist sites and national acclaim locations visited by thousands of people each year.  Stone Mountain Park and Stone Mountain Village are within walking distance from our school. We are dedicated to our community and continue to service the surrounding area by educating the growing number of children that inhabit our neighborhood.

With approximately 580 students in grades pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, Stone Mountain continues to generate a proud tradition of providing a quality education for all of students. Our seasoned teaching staff and experienced support staff exemplify the importance of a collaborative effort needed to maintain student academic success. Stone Mountain has always been known as a transient school; however, no matter how long we have our students, we provide them with the resources, support system and attention that they deserve and need to receive a quality education.

Teaching through the use of technology, exploration and creativity is always at the pinnacle of our professional standards set highly by the administrative team, the county and the Georgia Department of Education.  Learning is fun and exciting because our students have access to IPADS, laptops, an outdoor classroom, music, art and physical education. Our school is also dedicated to teaching and learning about the social/emotional involvement of our children. We want our children to always feel safe when they enter our school. Bullying and violating school rules are not tolerated and strictly enforced.  Making the best choices in life, starts with teaching our students about developing positive career paths and following their dreams.

The following information is the general demographics of our students:

Grade Range: Grade Range: PK, KK, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, S/PID                                         

Enrollment: 580

Race, Ethnicity and Gender

  • Black Students: 94.0%
  • Asian Students: 2.0%
  • Hispanic: 3.5%
  • White: 0.5% 
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